Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pressure Treated Lumber - Not Just Green

Our customers in the Caribbean and Bermuda know they can come to us with their requests -- no matter how specific or strange -- and we will find a solution for them.

One of our customers in the British Virgin Islands wanted pressure-treated pine lumber for their exposed beams. Because the beams were exposed they needed two things:

1)  No pine characteristics -- just a smooth piece
2)  A pressure treatment that was not green

Okay, is exactly what we said. We worked with our mills to have them hand select the beams to meet the smooth, non-knotty appearance the customer wanted. We then had the beams pressure treated in clear. The result was both functional and BEAUTIFUL!

Because of our established relationships with our suppliers, we can make all kinds of things happen. Please contact us with your needs and we'll find a great solution for you!

Also, to learn more about lumber, click here.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Keen Eye on Commodities in Lumber

The price of lumber fluctuates like the price of gold or grain. We keep a careful eye on the market’s ebb and flow to help our customers choose the right time to buy.

This is especially important for our stocking customers in the Caribbean and Bermuda. We’ll let them know if the price is good and they should stock up. If the price isn’t ideal, we’ll tell them to wait to purchase. This way they get the best bang for their buck for the lumber AND economies of scale in shipping.

We don’t want one order, we want to be your trusted partner for years to come. To learn more about our lumber capabilities, please click here.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Need Lumber?

Lumber is a key component of most building projects. We can help you get the specific sizes you need for your project and help you ship them EFFICIENTLY.

When you talk directly to a mill, you’ll often here, “We only …” “It only comes …” “We don’t break packs” “We don’t have that …” 
That's because no one mill is going to meet all your construction needs AND be able to help you efficiently consolidate and ship your order to Bermuda and the Caribbean.

That’s where we come in! We work with a mix of over 20 big mills and smaller, specialty mills to accommodate every need our customers have. From exotic species like ipe and cypress to specific size and finish requirements, we can find and efficiently deliver exactly what you need. Click here to see find out more.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Save BIG on Shipping to the Caribbean and Bermuda!

Finding building products at good prices is important when building in the Caribbean and Bermuda, but that's not where the saving story ends. Shipping your products isn't a one-price-fits-all equation. There are hundreds of rules, methods, shipper policies and regulations involved with shipping. It’s knowing all of these and how to use them in your favor that is the secret.

We’ve saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars.

With a lot of knowledge and a customer-focused attitude we find creative shipping solutions for our customers every day.

Click here to read some real examples including one where we saved our customer $2369 USD!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Rich, All-Wood Cabinets - 20% Off!

There are so many options when it comes to purchasing cabinets. We take the guesswork out of searching for cabinets by offering only all-wood, high-quality cabinets. Our customers trust us to offer cabinets and building products that are going to LAST. This is especially important in the Caribbean and Bermuda where cheaper products like particle board or melamine will get destroyed.

High-quality doesn't have to be high-price. We're excited to offer a line of ready-to-assemble, all plywood construction cabinets from International Kitchen Supply. This month you can get 20% off their Mocha Shaker line. Here's a quick look at the high-end features:

  • Full Overlay Door
  • 5 Piece Matching Drawer Front
  • All Plywood Construction
  • Wood Veneer Matching Interior
  • Rich Mocha Stain
  • Full-Extension Soft Close Drawer Glides
  • Solid Wood Drawer Box
  • Concealed 6 Way Adjustable Hinge
  • Adjustable 3/4″ Plywood Shelves

The 20% off sale is good through 12/29/2011, so contact us to order today!