Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kitchen Sinks and Faucets- Made Simple

You don't need to be a plumbing expert, or reinvent kitchen design, when you choose a sink and faucet for your kitchen. While there are plenty of options, multiple decisions, and a range of preferences to consider, we can make it easy for you. The Kitchen and Bath Design team at Global Sales is ready to guide you through the process and answer your questions all along the way. We represent the best names in plumbing fixtures, and have solutions to the most complicated plumbing problems. Best of all, we make sure that you get everything you need for your plumbing project- on time, at the most effective shipping rates. We are experts at exporting to Bermuda and the Caribbean.

If your household is like most, you probably spend a large portion of your active time at home in the kitchen- rinsing vegetables, putting a pot of water on to boil, watering plants, washing hands, scrubbing pots. Whether building from scratch, remodeling, or even refreshing your existing kitchen, it makes sense to choose the kitchen sink and faucet that will fit your kitchen design, work the hardest for you, and satisfy your sense of style. Simple, right?

Then the decisions abound! How deep of a sink? How many faucet handles? Is there a soap dispenser that matches? How many holes in the countertop? Pull-down sprayer? How high of an arch for the faucet? What sink finish will coordinate with the faucet? What size strainers are needed? Are there bottom grates that fit this sink? And we're just getting started.

Global Sales simplifies the process of choosing kitchen faucets and sinks. Dave Clary, Kitchen and Bath Designer, explains how.

Sink and Faucet Packages from Vigo

Global Sales represents all the best brands in plumbing fixtures. One of our favorite recommendations for kitchen sinks and faucet is Vigo. 

Based in the USA, Vigo Industries products have a high end look and functionality at a price that fits most budgets. And Vigo makes sink and faucet selection a simple process with packages that include all of the matching extras: soap dispensers, strainers, and grates that coordinate with the faucet and sink set.

If you prefer to customize your sink and faucet selection, Vigo also has all kitchen plumbing fixture components available separately.

Lots of Options, Great Brands

In addition to Vigo, Global Sales offers a wide range of options with a variety of distinguished names in kitchen plumbing fixtures such as the ones listed below, plus many more.

Contact us today if there is any way that we can help with your kitchen project.