Thursday, October 27, 2016

Outdoor Lighting That Holds Up in Coastal Climates

Patio light fixture from Kichler

Make the Most of Island Living- with Great Outdoor Lighting

Beautiful outdoor lighting will add curb appeal to your home, increase the safety and functionality of your outdoor spaces and enhance the value of your property. By following a few simple steps, you can create an outdoor haven to be enjoyed after dusk.

Wave Lighting flood lamps

Start with a Plan

Define your objectives for your outdoor lighting. For safety purposes, good outdoor lighting eliminates trip hazards on walkways and stairs. Security lights discourage intruders. Task lighting increases the functionality of outdoor living spaces such as decks, patios and grills after daylight hours. Well-placed landscape lighting provides hospitality to visitors and highlights the beauty of your property.
Progress pathway lighting

Develop a lighting plan by sketching out a simple diagram of your outdoor space. Include any structures, fences, walls, walkways, driveway, garden areas, large trees, etc. Consider lighting for focal points, entryways, walkways, and outdoor living spaces. The best plans include a variety of lighting techniques.

Silhouette effect created by Progress

Decide what types of lighting will be required for each area- for example, you may want to brighten a pathway with low lighting, or create drama by directing light up into a tree.

A good way to determine placement is to use a flashlight after sunset to illuminate each location. Be careful not to over-light. A common mistake is to place too many fixtures in one area, creating overly bright areas, glare, or a "runway" look on pathways. Remember that with outdoor lighting, less is often more.

Wave Lighting is 
 Oceanside Approved
Install Fixtures that Last

Choose the right fixtures to create the desired effect. There are many types of outdoor fixtures available, including floods, directional spots, deck and patio lights, path lights, in-ground lights, hanging lights, lamp posts, and more. Purchase the best quality your budget will allow, and take into consideration environmental factors such as proximity to salt water and harsh weather conditions. We recommend Wave Lighting for our customers who live in coastal climates.

Most outdoor lighting won't hold up when exposed to sea air and salt. Charlie Erkens from Global Sales explains why Wave Lighting is ideal for coastal climates.

The Right Materials for Your Lighting Plan

While low voltage lighting can be installed by do-it-yourselfers, 120-volt lighting may be better handles with the expertise of a licensed electrician to install the wiring and electrical components. Whether you plan to install your outdoor lighting yourself, or hire the services of an electrical contractor or lighting consultant, you can find everything you need for your outdoor lighting project at Global Sales. In addition to a full range of electrical supplies for both residential and commercial applications, we represent several manufacturers of outdoor lighting fixtures including Kichler, Progress and Wave Lighting.

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for All Your Lighting and Electrical Needs

Global Sales offers a full line of competitively priced electrical supplies for both residential and commercial applications:

  • Breakers, distribution & load centers
  • Dimmers & switches
  • Electrical boxes, conduit & fittings
  • Electrical cords, cord management
  • Outlets & plugs
  • Wall plates & accessories
  • Wire & cable
  • And more.....
Click on the links below to view lighting fixtures offered by some of the trusted vendors we represent:

At Global Sales, we have the expertise and the resources to help you choose the best lighting and electrical supplies for your project. Contact us, and let us know how Global Sales can help.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Origin Doors and Windows- Ideal for Island Living

You live in Bermuda or the Caribbean for the wonderful island climates, beautiful views and gorgeous natural light. Make the most of your pleasant surroundings with bi-fold patio doors that move completely out of the way to create a continuous flow with your outdoor living space.

Made for Outdoor Living

The bi-fold door and window systems from Origin Doors and Windows are especially suited for the islands. Extremely durable in coastal climates, Origin products are constructed of aluminum with a large thermal break for optimum energy efficiency, and all hardware is stainless steel. Origin specially engineers their products to meet Florida's strict building code requirements and impact ratings for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). In addition, Origin's product warranty is valid outside the US. Visit Origin's  website  for more information.

Origin Doors and Windows are as easy to operate as they are beautiful. Danny Vega, head of the window and door division at Global Sales, tries out Origin products with the help of Ben Halvorsen, President of Origin USA.

Completely Customizable

Origin's products provide beautiful solutions for a multitude of design challenges. Whether it's one door, or a full wall of doors, Origin will custom produce the configuration that's right for your project. Origin's unique corner posts provide huge flexibility in designing your room opening. Additionally, Origin windows are available in casement, fixed frame, bay and awning styles. Origin even offers a variety of factory installed blinds for their products. Every Origin product is custom manufactured to exact sizes and the chosen configuration for each project.

Luxurious Details

With 150 colors in powder-coated aluminum to choose from, Origin products can be customized to enhance the décor of any style home.

The many wood grain finishes available are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

The elegant hardware comes in a variety of styles, with finishes in both premium stainless steel and coordinated colors.

Safety Matters

There's never any danger of little fingers getting pinched in Origin doors, which are constructed with a finger-safe seal.

Origin bi-fold doors operate on a flush threshold, allowing for equal floor finishes inside and out. The track is flush with the floor; there's nothing to trip over, and the visual effect is of one continuous space from inside to out.

Windy days are no problem with Origin products. The folding doors are held open with magnetic keepers- the strongest magnet available today. The windows have adjustable friction stays that keep them in place in the event of a sudden wind.

High Performance Security

Origin's unique eight-point locking system, featuring smooth locking chambered 20mm linear bolts and 25mm deep throw security hooks, provides the utmost in security for your home. The high security hinges, exceptionally strong frames, and impenetrable locks ensure a level of compression that keeps the door weather resistant, too.

A Multitude of Great Options at Global Sales

At Global Sales, we have the expertise and the resources to help you choose the best doors and windows for your project. Contact us, and let us know how Global Sales can help.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Flooring: New Colors, New Looks, and Sophisticated Classics

As the pace of life ratchets up, we see many of our customers transforming their homes into a peaceful haven. Neutral colors and earthy materials are incorporated into interior design to provide a sense of calm and serenity. And when it comes to the flooring for your sanctuary, whatever the material, the common theme is "back to nature":  natural looking materials, colors and tones found in nature, and organic textures.

Tile Flooring- Natural-looking Finishes, Large Formats

With chameleon-like ease, today's HD printed porcelain tile flooring can superbly mimic the look of a number of other materials. HD, or high definition, printing is a revolutionary production method that provides far greater detail in the printed image and almost eliminates the problem of the pattern repeating from tile to tile.

Utilizing HD technology, porcelain tile can now be printed with striking colors and textures that beautifully replicate the look of many natural products such as marble, natural stone, wood, brick, and even concrete.

Large format tile is trending in a big way. Whether it's wood-look planks or large slabs that take on the look of poured concrete, larger tile is gaining popularity for its sophisticated look and ease of maintenance over smaller tile formats with a lot of grout lines to clean.

Wood Flooring- Large Planks, New Stains

Similar to the trend in large format tile, bigger wood planks are opening up a whole new array of design options. With widths increasing to 6", 7" or even 8", longer planks visually open up a space and can make a statement that is stylishly contemporary, or authentic and rustic, depending on the colors and finishes incorporated.

The trending colors for wood flooring are moving away from the reds and mid-tones to floors that are either very light or very dark.

Very dark stains on wood floors are in high demand for customers who want to add drama and elegance to their space. From warmer dark browns to rich ebonies, dark stains on wood flooring provide a stunning backdrop for lighter décor in the rest of the room.

With the current popularity of gray in home décor, whitewashed wood flooring is making a big comeback. Whitewashed flooring can evoke the appearance of a high-end beach resort, or add a vintage look when used with reclaimed or distressed wood.

Gray flooring is another very popular option. Dubbed "the new neutral," gray flooring is versatile and can be a great background for a wide range of interior design styles.

Get Inspired! Take a look at what's available through 

Global Sales from these great manufacturers.

Natural Stone Flooring- Classic, Always Elegant

Natural stone tiles and pavers are both durable and sophisticated. The unique colors and finishes of natural stone are on-point with today's trends toward creating a peaceful refuge from life's hustle and bustle.

Natural stone flooring is a beautiful and durable upgrade for any home. Jeff Collins and Andrew Failla discuss the many stone flooring options available at Global Sales.

Find the style that's right for your home. Contact one of our flooring experts at Global Sales and let us help you get what you need for your next project.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trends: The Spa Bath

Ahhh, the spa bathroom- a refreshing place to start the day, a relaxing setting for decompression at day's end- is trending high with consumers according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association 2016 Design Trends Report. And here at Global Sales, we see more of our customers requesting spa-like amenities for their new bathrooms as well as bathroom remodels.

We represent an array of manufacturers that offer the materials, fixtures and furnishings to create spa-like settings. Our designers are ready to help you turn your bath into custom retreat that's perfect for your style and budget.


Neutrals, blues and greens can be used to evoke a sense of calm and serenity. Behr Paint offers a number of cool, quiet color pallets suitable for a tranquil spa space.


Earthy materials like wood, natural stone, and river rock bring warmth and provide a calm, organic feel.

We recommend Florida Tile for their many beautiful high-definition wood grain tiles that bring the natural aesthetic into the bathroom. We also like their pebble-finish tiles, inspired by the feel of smooth stones on the bed of a clear running stream.


Beautiful light fixtures provide a peaceful ambience as well as important function to bathroom work spaces. Many of our favorites are found in Progress Lightings' different families of style which include coordinated flush mount lighting, sconces, and pendants, and, of course, beautiful chandeliers.


Crisp white fixtures work well with both contemporary and traditional designs when creating a spa retreat. The trend to lustrous, calming white will stand the test of time in any bathroom.

Eye-catching vessel sinks continue to trend as a focal point, and set the style in your spa bath. Sparkling white vessel sinks from Mansfield are an attractive as well as affordable option.

Under-mount sinks which provide ease of cleaning are also very popular now. We like the sleek style of Kohler's line of under-mount sinks.

For a relaxing soak, free standing tubs create an elegant and luxurious focal point for the spa bath. American Standard has a variety of striking styles made to fit the space of an average-sized bathroom.

Plumbing fixtures are more important than ever in the well-appointed spa bath. Jeff Collins shares some of the many options available from Global Sales.

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Visit the photo galleries of some of our favorite manufacturers for a wealth of ideas.

Find the style that's right for your bathroom. Contact one of our design experts at Global Sales and let us help you get what you need for your next project.