Saturday, August 29, 2015

Porcelain Tile- A Great Choice for the Islands

When starting a tile project in Bermuda or the Caribbean, there are some practical considerations to bear in mind, such as how well the material will ship, how durable it is for your application, and the availability of replacement product should you ever need it. At Global Sales, we like to recommend porcelain tile for both practical and aesthetic reasons, and one of our favorite go-to suppliers for porcelain tile is Florida Tile.
Functionality Meets Style

  • Florida Tile consistently maintains their tile lines for much longer than other manufacturers.  Whether you want to match new tile to a previous project, or just need some replacement tiles, Florida Tile will have the same tile line if you need it later.
  • Florida Tile's extensive selection includes a range of colors within each line, which makes the design process easy. They also offer trim pieces with each of their series to ensure a cohesive look.
  • Florida Tile carries through-body porcelain tile lines, which means that the tile is the same color throughout. Little chips and nicks that might occur over time are much less noticeable than on tile that is a different color on the surface.
But beyond all the practical reasons to go to Florida Tile, when it come to style, variety and cutting-edge trends, they are our hands-down favorite. They offer a large selection of looks that are both innovative and classic, with proven quality and craftsmanship in each of their lines.

Florida Tile uses high definition printing to produce many stunning styles, ranging from the look of hardwood to natural stone, as well as innovative concepts like the look of stained concrete or interpretations of non-traditional stone patterns.

Global Sales offers tile that's great for use in Bermuda and the Caribbean. Jeff Collins explains why porcelain is a good choice.

The Look of Wood- Without the Worries

Wood-look porcelain tile from Florida Tile provides the beauty of hardwood flooring without the worries of maintenance inherent with island climates. The various wood-look lines include both classic and contemporary styling, and are made in sizes up to an 8" x 36" plank for a look consistent with the latest trends in hardwood flooring. They are available in a number of wood stain colors, some additional size options, and matching trims. The most popular wood-look lines include Magnolia, Berkshire, and Natura.
Stone Looks- Natural Beauty Interpreted

While Florida Tile captures the essence of natural stone beauty in a number of their high-def stone-look porcelain tiles, they also go beyond the constraints of stone in their imaginative color offerings and patterns. Their Tides line takes inspiration from vein cut stone with a sleek contemporary look in bold colors not found in nature.
Exciting and New

Level 10 from Florida Tile is one of their newest lines and is already trending high in popularity. The modern feel of stained concrete is combined with worn-in staining, watermarks, chips and various organic elements to produce a contemporary look with natural feel.

Global Sales- Your Tile Experts

With over 30 years of experience serving the Caribbean and Bermuda, the Global Sales Design Team knows how to make your tile project a complete success. We'll help you select the material that will work best in your space in terms of look, maintenance and durability. We'll work with you to determine how much tile, finishing materials, thinset and grout you will need -- and how much extra you'll need just in case. Plus, we'll help you efficiently ship your tile.