Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Florida Tile: Performance and Cutting Edge Style

Durable, water resistant, and easy to maintain, porcelain tile is an excellent choice for homes in the Caribbean and Bermuda. In addition to offering the performance you need, Florida Tile offers the state of the art styles that you want. This month our focus is on their natural looking, high-definition porcelain (or HDP), as well as their popular wood-look offerings and stylish, high-gloss tile selections.

The Tides series is an excellent example of Florida Tile's HDP products. HDP utilizes the same digital technology that changed the television industry. This revolutionary production method provides far greater detail in the printing and almost eliminates the problem of the pattern repeating from tile to tile. The Tides series is inspired by the look of a linear cut Travertine or Limestone with a pattern that closely replicates vein cut stone.

Wood Look
Florida Tile's line of wood-look HDP porcelain tile is the perfect alternative to wood flooring. Durable in any environment and expected to be walked upon when wet, these wood-look tiles eliminate the maintenance and worry that come with natural wood flooring. Digital printing technology and intricate textures make wood-look tile almost indistinguishable from the real thing. From the Berkshire HDP line with rich colors and hand-scraped texture, to the wide, smooth texture of Magnolia HDP with gentle saw-marks and minor imperfections, Florida Tile has a wood-look tile that will bring warmth and beauty to any room.

High Gloss
The smooth understated beauty of Florida Tile's line of high gloss porcelain tiles delivers classic looks with contemporary formats. The Time series of porcelain tile includes an extensive palate of subtle tone-on-tone color in a complex balance of shade, tone and texture. The classic look of marble is captured in Grandeur HDP porcelain. Available in a natural color palate, rich veining makes Grandeur an icon of style. Another beautiful high gloss finish can be found in the Gallant HDP model with the look of natural stone. The Gallant series is available in both shiny and matte finishes, giving the line a dramatic contrast in surface alone.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Meet Danny Vega

The son of a building industry professional, Danny Vega's earliest memories as a toddler were of playing on the stacks of 2x4's in lumber yards. So after studying mechanical engineering in college, going into the building profession was a natural career path for Danny. He now has over twenty years' experience in the building industry, and came to Global three years ago, after a seven year stint with the largest door and window company in the world. Danny lives near Tampa with his wife and two children.

When Danny had the opportunity to assist a customer in Bermuda in her bathroom update, he went to work with ideas and suggestions that would bring the project together. Because of the tight space in the bathroom, Danny suggested the Hydroslide shower door system. The Hydroslide makes the best of a small space by incorporating a sliding door into a sleek frameless design. From plumbing to tile to light fixtures and more, Danny and Global Sales were able to provide the all materials and direction to produce a beautiful and elegant end product.

"It was a pleasure working with this customer to optimize her bathroom design. The Hydroslide shower door system was a perfect fit, making the best use of her space while allowing light to come in the room and showing off the beautiful tile in her renovated bathroom."
   -Danny Vega

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