Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hurricane Season Checklist

June 1st means Hurricane Season has arrived. Check out our Hurricane Season page to learn more about hurricane shutters, impact resistant windows and doors, and stand by generators.

Here is the checklist and hurricane help measures that Bermuda's EMO (Emergency Measures Organization) advises:
  • Collect and bring inside all the loose stuff that may be lying outdoors like garden furniture, plants on pots, barbecues etc. Two wheelers should be brought inside.
  • Put the window shutters in place. When the hurricane strikes, it is advisable that you keep one window shutter open by an inch in order to reduce pressure build up.
  • Remember that if the eye of the storm passes overhead, a strong wind in an opposite direction will return.
  • During the storm, unplug all electronic goods that do not have surge protections. Also pull out the transmission cable from the TV socket. Keep only one light switched on.
  • If you see there are torn out electrical wires or branches that have fallen on wires, do not touch them. They may be live and can be fatal.
  • If you use a portable generator, ensure that it has been properly earthed. Use it outdoor under a shade. Appliances should be directly plugged into the generator rather than putting the generator into the house lines.
  • Take gas for your vehicles and fill up the tanks in advance. However cooking gas cylinders should not be used.
  • In areas where there may be seawater contamination, any pipes coming from the roof or other places and leading to the water tank should be closed off. 
For a list of items to have on hand, click here.

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