Monday, July 25, 2011

Plan Your Tampa Trip!

Visiting our Tampa Showroom is a great way to get all the details for your project nailed down. Our customers love visiting our showroom because they always leave feeling like they have accomplished weeks of work in just a couple of days.

At our showroom you can:

  • View samples including cabinets, counter tops, tile, flooring, windows, doors and more
  • Make real-time changes to kitchen layouts
  • Get in-person product consultation – however long you need from 2 hours to 2 days
  • Receive instant quotes on your projects
Make the Most of Your Visit
To prepare for your visit, send your architectural drawings in advance. We'll do the legwork, prepare and have recommendations and quotes ready for you. When you get to Tampa, you can review the options and make your selections.

Plus, Tampa is a really fun, easy-going city. Check out this travel planner.  Also, visit our website for more info about planning your trip.

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