Thursday, October 6, 2011

Door Handing for Your Patio Doors

Thinking about installing new patio doors?

Here are a few tips for ordering: 
The French Doors from Jeld-Wen are outswing doors, which means, when you are standing outside of the building, the doors swing toward you.
Double Doors
You can specify which door is active and which door is passive.

The active door is the main operating door that has the locking mechanism. You open this door first. The passive door is the second one that opens and is usually held in place by a flush bolt at top and bottom.

From the outside of your home, specify which door will be active and which will be passive.  For instance, if you want the door on your left hand side to open first, then you'll specify that the left door is active.
Single Doors
When ordering, you can specify your door handing -- which side the handle will be placed.  Handing is measured from OUTSIDE your home:

  • Left hand outswing – Hinges are on the left side and door swings into the outside (toward you)
  • Right hand outswing – Hinges are on the right side and door swings into the outside (toward you)
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