Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quikrete for Bermuda and the Caribbean

Global Sales is now a Quikrete Tier 1 Supplier! Quikrete offers an extensive line of products that are used by everyone from do-it-yourself homeowners to large building contractors.

Here's a look at just a few of their products:

  • Concrete mix -- Quickrete's biggest seller is so versatile. It can be used for sidewalks, patios, steps, setting posts, barbeque's, garden pools and fountains and driveways to name a few.
  • Foam coating -- This product can be used to coat styrofoam that is attached to cement board for roof applications. Plus, it can be used above or below grade in interior or exterior for additional applications.
  • Architectural finish -- Use this product to repair surface defects and provide a smooth finish for tilt-up wall panels, precast or poured concrete and masonry surfaces.
  • Multi-purpose thin set -- Great for installation of tiles over a variety of surfaces including exterior properly prepared exterior grade plywood, concrete, concrete block, cement board, wall board and portland cement plaster.
  • Hardscape line -- This extensive line includes stones, rock and pebbles such as pond pebbles, river pebbles, pea pebbles and red lava rock for projects small to large. Plus, pool filter sand, rock salt and athletic field marker.
There are many more products from Quikrete that we can now offer, so please let us know how we can assist you for any need or questions you might have.  To see how affordably we can ship Quikrete products to Bermuda and the Caribbean, check out this sample price quote.

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