Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Way More Than Light Switches

Pass & Seymour offers way more more than just switches and switch covers. They offer innovative, smart ways of reducing energy costs and adding convenience to your life all with a clean, sleek style.

Here are some lighting control upgrades that can add style and functionality to your home:

Surge Protectors without the Bulk: Electrical surges can damage electronics in computers, entertainment systems, and appliances. Surge-protecting power strips can help, but are bulky. P&S Surge-Suppression Outlets offer a sleek, built-in solution.

Recessed TV Boxes: Now you can recess both power and low-voltage connections into the wall with recessed TV boxes. Mounting a high-def TV on the wall is quicker and easier with no visible connections to spoil the look.

Ambiance Control: Any room or space will look its best with the right lighting. What’s “right” will probably vary with time of day, weather, and activities. Adjusting lighting to create the perfect ambiance is easy with the broad selection of P&S Dimmers. From controlling a single fixture from one location to push-button whole-house control, they have the perfect solutions.

Dimmers Reduce Energy Costs: P&S Dimmers can cut energy use in bathrooms and bedrooms by 40 to 50% — with big savings in other rooms, too! Plus, you can extend the life of your light bulbs.

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