Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great Earth-Friendly Products - #3 and 4

Antique bricks and paving stones add character and distinction to any outside area. Reclaimed from a variety of historic buildings and streets from Georgia, Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis, each brick and paving stone is naturally weathered and unique. Our Pavers and Hardscaping Photo Gallery has some great images.


The bathroom accounts for most of our indoor water consumption. Toilets, showers and faucets often steal away more fresh water then we need -- and you can still maintain optimal cleanliness with powerful fixture performance. Here are three ways Kohler fixtures can help:
  • Toilets that flush 1.28 gallons or less, when compared to a 3.5-gallon toilet, can save homeowners up to 16,500 gallons of water per fixture per year. (Based on average usage of a household of four.) 
  •  Faucets with low-flow aerators deliver up to 45% water savings over traditional 2.75 gpm faucets. 
  • 1.75 gpm water-conserving showerheads and handshowers deliver an impressive 35% water savings over traditional 2.75 gpm showerheads and handshowers. 
 Find beautiful ways to conserve water in our Bathroom Photo Gallery.

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