Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Trends for 2014: Wet Rooms and Open Cabinets

There are a lot of exciting innovations and new ideas in the world of building products and materials happening for 2014! Here's the first two on our list of cool new products and recent product trends that we've seen from our customers in the Caribbean and Bermuda. More to come!

Water Water Everywhere. We're seeing more and more Wet Rooms.The tub and shower area are separated from the rest of the bathroom by a large glass wall from floor to ceiling. This waterproof area is accessible by a frameless glass door and includes a drain in the floor. You'll enjoy a spacious shower and bath experience surrounded by the beauty of tile.
Open Up to Open Shelving. Instead of hiding your beautiful dishes and glasses behind cabinets, display them and keep them at arms reach by installing open shelving. Mixing drawers, cabinets and open shelving in a kitchen keeps the design feeling fresh and avoids a room full of heavy cabinetry.

If you can't wait for our next blog to see all the Top Trends, visit our Top Trends Page.

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