Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Top Trends for 2014: Comfort, Door Jamb Protection, and LED Recessed Lighting

Today we present you the final three of our top ten Trends for 2014. We will continue to watch for new concepts and innovations from our customers in the Caribbean and Bermuda and share with you the best ideas we find!

The Comforts of Home. For bathrooms and kitchens, many of our customers are moving toward a less modern but not quite traditional sensibility with a slant towards comfort.

 Protect Your Space. Protecting door jambs is an essential part of remodeling, moving, and even new construction. Ram Board’s Door Jamb Protection is heavy-duty, flexible, and re-usable. With no tape or adhesive necessary, Door Jamb Protectors install in seconds. Simply snap onto door jambs to protect those jambs from the dings, dents, and scratches that occur on construction and remodel jobs.

Smart LED Solutions. Bring the latest in recessed lighting technology, style, and efficiency to your home. Progress Lighting offers an LED recessed trim that fits in old incandescent cans so no need to replace. Just the decorative trim gets swapped out and it comes with an LED bulb already installed into the trim. Plus, these dimmable lights are damp location rated, so safe to use in a bathroom or porch ceiling.  

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