Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Home Update - Make Your Laundry Room More Efficient

Washers and dryers have come a long way in terms of looks – new colors, sleek lines, great styling. The smart energy and water efficiency technology inside has come a long way, too. At Global Sales, we can help you select the right style and size for your needs.

Here are some things to consider:

Fewer Loads
Clothes washers that have earned the Energy Star have a greater tub capacity which means you can wash fewer loads to clean the same amount of laundry.

Save Water
A full-sized Energy Star qualified clothes washers uses 14 gallons of water per load, compared to the 27 gallons used by a standard machine. That's 50 percent less water, per load. Over the machine's lifetime, that's a savings of 43,000 gallons of water!!

They are available in front-load and top-load models. The top-load models look like standard machines on the outside, yet they do not waste water filling up the tub. They clean using sophisticated wash systems to flip or spin clothes through a stream of water. Many have sensors to monitor incoming water levels and temperature. They also rinse clothes with repeated high-pressure spraying instead of soaking them in a full tub of water.

Save Energy
On average, a new Energy Star qualified clothes washer uses 270 kWh of electricity to run each year. They are at least 30% more efficient than non Energy Star qualified washers.

Moisture Sensor
While Energy Star does not label dryers, you can reduce your dryer's energy use by choosing a model with a moisture sensor. This feature automatically shuts off the machine when clothes are dry, which saves energy and reduces wear and tear on your clothes caused by over-drying.

Modified Energy Factor (MEF) and Water Factor (WF)
Modified Energy Factor (MEF) is a measure of energy efficiency that considers the energy used by the washer, the energy used to heat the water, and the energy used to run the dryer. The higher the MEF, the more energy efficient the clothes washer. Water Factor (WF) measures water efficiency in gallons of water consumed per cubic foot of capacity. The lower the WF, the more water efficient the clothes washer. These ratings can be found on the Energy Star label.

Contact us to see how we can help you find more efficiency in your laundry room.

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